Training Class

Heads up! Are you thinking that this is a normal “Training Class”? Don’t get it wrong! These training classes are for body conditioning purposes, enhance your body endurance, stamina, agility and improve your flexibility! If you would want to build your strength, this class is just for you!

Rambo Training

Suitable for all competitors and dancesport athletes.

Duration: 1 hour per session
Requirement: Must be committed to the class

Enrollment Fee              Member           Non-Member

Registration Fee:              RM 60                      –
Monthly Fee        :              RM 120                 RM 160


Sunday                : 2.30pm-3.30pm

*Schedule might differ from the above, kindly contact us before joining the class.

A one-time registration fee will be charged to all new enrollment upon registration.

Missed Class & Replacements
Any missed classes are not replaceable and fees are not deductible.

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