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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my fees?
Click on the Join Us button or complete the application form where you can apply for one of our Dance courses. Once submitted, our Lead Instructor, will be in touch to finalise your membership, which can be paid via credit card, cash or direct bank transfer. Membership will automatically renew each term. We request two weeks’ notice for cancellations.
How are fees calculated?
Group lesson fees are calculated based on a monthly basis. Number of classes are not taken into account. Eg: In January, there are 4 Saturdays, the fee will be RM 160/month. However, if there are 5 Saturdays in March, the fee will remain at RM 160/month.

Some classes conducted by foreign coaches are calculated based on number of lessons. Eg: 4 lessons per month.

If the lesson falls on a public holiday, it will be cancelled and 3 lessons will be will be calculated, or carry forward to the next month.

Is the academy closed on public holidays?

Yes, we are closed on public holidays. There will be no refund or replacement classes.

What happens if i move away?

If you move away from the area and our studio can no longer reasonably be accessed by you, we will refund the remainder of your term fees. Please inform us 1 month in advance and note that a cancellation fee of RM 50 will apply.


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