Ballroom Competition Class

Looking forward to be a professional Ballroom dancer and would like to be an athletes who makes our country proud? This competition class prepares you to the way!

Online Competition Class

Suitable for students who want to enhance their technique on Ballroom. This is an online class which taught by overseas instructors.


Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: No experience needed

Enrollment Conditions
Registration Fee      : RM 60
Security Deposit      : RM 
Package Fee             : RM 400( 8 lessons per package)

Registration & Deposits
A one-time registration fee and a security deposit will be charged to all new enrollment upon registration. The deposit will be deducted on your last month’s fee if you have decided to pull out from your class.

Missed Class & Replacements
Any missed classes are not replaceable and fees are not deductible.

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