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– They have very experienced coaches, whom were athletes themselves. Coaches had achieved various promising result in both National and International championship. Coaches here are very responsible and dedicated in nurturing younger generation in Dancesport, provide accurate information and teaches based on established syllabus (ISTD) in Dancesport.

– My Dancesport Academy provides quality and excellent service in handling inquiries and managing student-teacher-parent relationship. They provide support and help every student in need and willing to guide them through difficult times.

– With current situation of MCO in Malaysia, My Dancesport Academy provide online coaching and teaching platform to all students and the public in order to maintain quality of athletes and continuity of learning.

Lee JiaYun

Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

It wasn’t an easy process to find a strong sport ballroom studio in Malaysia!

I do believe, we are lucky to discover Chua & Evon and their MyDanceAcademy School. I and my partner are from Russia, where sport ballroom dancing is super strong, competitive, highly popular and well developed. The most important, we were seeking for a smart trainers/coaches with strong discipline and teamwork, who are able to continue the job of building the skills and esteem, who are able to show the potential inside us. We were looking for a place with supreme proficiency level, competitive attitude, where higher level of athleticism is required.

Chua and Evon, both are amazing instructors!

They have rich experience to understand the struggle we were going through as an athletes and were able to spot the right changes we had to make.

THANKS A LOT! With you we were able to continue practicing and improving our ballroom dancing skills while being in Malaysia.

Natalia Kasatkina


We are very happy and grateful that our daughter took up Latin classes from the team and instructors at MY Dancesport Academy.

The instructors are prolific and passionate in this sport. And they are also dedicated towards teaching their students.
And thanks also for initiating the online classes, which were extremely helpful.

Definitely giving this school 5 ⭐ for quality of teaching and giving this sport a much deserved attention.

Willy, Teck Loong Yong

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The coaches here are always sharing all the information that they have to the students and giving the best to them. A very good environment in the studio as everyone there are so friendly and helpful.

High quality classes provided here and also online classes going on during this mco period which enable us not to loosen all the information that we have learned.

Jessie Liau


We are glad that we got a chance to meet Chua and Evon.
It is the best Professional Latin Dance School not only in Malaysia, but in entire South East Asia.

They continuously move forward, organise competitions and sport camps, invite famous coaches from Russia, Italy and many other countries

We are extremely grateful to them for their work.

Anton Bormotov



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