The amalgamation of Cuban dances such as mambo, pachanga, rumba, guaguanco, and charanga brings out whatever move you have and moves along with the salsa music. A dance and a musical style with the deep Caribbean and African roots.

Catchy, sensual, playful, easy to learn yet hard to master are the beauty of the dance – Salsa. Combining the sway of hip, tap, and turn enables you to enjoy yourself while moving with your partner in harmony. The dance that you may dance together with your friend or even strangers regardless of their place of origin. Look, isn’t it great if you are able to attend social nights and also be able to dance together?

Salsa on 2 

Suitable for adults above 18.

Duration: 1 hour per class
Requirements: No experience is needed
Enrollment Fee             

Registration Fee :     RM 60
Security Deposit :    RM 160
Monthly Fee        :     RM 160

Registration Fee :    –
Security Deposit :    RM 190
Monthly Fee         :     RM 190

Registration & Deposits
A one-time registration fee and a security deposit will be charged to all new enrollment upon registration. The deposit will be deducted from your last month’s fee if you have decided to pull out of your class.

Missed Class & Replacements
Any missed classes are not replaceable and fees are not deductible.


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