1. This online dance course is not refundable or replaceable.此课程不能退款 也不能找人代替
2. Students are held responsible for their own internet connection and attendance.学生自身必须对自己的网络与出席率负责任
3. Students are not allowed distribute any of the course content without the approval of MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY.
没得到MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY舞蹈教室的许可 不能把上课内容散播出去
4. Recording is strictly not allowed unless with the consent of MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY.若没有MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY舞蹈教室许可 一概不能录影
5. MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY reserves the right to use all participants photograph and video for future advertising purposes and marketing. Any student who wish to excuse from this clause please kindly inform MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY in writing and email us.MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY舞蹈教室有权利使用课程中的照片和录影内容当作宣传用途。如果学生不想被放进宣传片,请提早通过email方式通知MY DANCESPORT ACADEMY舞蹈教室。

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