9 Benefits of Dancing

1. Increase Strength and Body Health

We will use our body to dance and eventually it will helps to build our strength while we are moving. Dancing also helps to prevent illness as we are increasing our physical activities! 

2. Improve Flexibility

It is important that we do stretching before dancing as to prevent injuries and to warm up our body. Hence, you will find your body is getting flexible as you are stretching consistantly.

3. Reduce Stress

In our hectic schedule we often feel stress for academies or works. Picking up dancing could eventually helps to reduce stress as you are able to surround yourself with people who enjoys dancing. Dancing to your favourite music could helps you to lower your stress levels.

4. Improve Body Posture

This is very important especially for kids as they are still young and they are not aware of their posture. Hence, letting them to dance will eventually guides  them have better body posture as we will guide them to place their body in correct posture. 

5. Boost Memory and Increase Concentration

Dancing helps to increase the memory as it includes the physical activities for all the body parts and you will need to memories different sequences and routines. It also helps to increase your concentration as you would need to pay attention while you’re learning and also to dance.

6. Boost Your Endurance

Dancing is an effective way to improve general endurance. As the dance sessions get longer and longer, your muscles will be working harder and for a longer period of time. In turn, you will find yourself being able to go on with little to no fatigue. 

7. Increase Self Esteem Confidence

Learning and mastering a new skill is great for your confidence.  It can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.  Dance also has the added bonus of learning to move your body in beautiful new ways ways. It is the best benefit for you by dancing.

8. Increase Social Connectivity

Joining a dance class will enables you to meet a bunch of new people who share the same interest as you. You will eventually expand your social connectivity and meet people from different circles. Most importantly, you will be able to enjoy dancing with them!

9. Increase Balancing

In dancing, you will be require to balance different position as you will be various movements. Hence it will boost your balancing and strengthen your stabilizer muscle. It also helps to build your core too!

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